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Bhansali Trade Impex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Inconel 625 Flanges in the domestic and international markets. ANSI B16.5 Alloy 625 Ring Type Joint Flange are made of an extremely strong and corrosion-resistant nickel chrome alloy that contains 58% nickel and 20% chromium along with copper, iron, manganese, silicon, sulphur, and carbon. The flange material has a minimum yield strength of 517MPa and a very high tensile strength of 930MPa. The melting point of this sturdy substance is 1350 degrees Celsius. Because of this, Inconel GOST ХН75МБТЮ Screwed Flanges are used in certain challenging and demanding applications.

Flanges come in a variety of varieties, like the Inconel 625 Nippo Flange and others. All of these varieties fall under the ASTM B564 requirements for nickel alloy, Inconel, monel, and hastelloy alloys. Depending on the flange type, the sizes range from 12 inches to 60 inches. The blind and raised face of the UNS N06625 BLRF Flange makes it unique. An electrical connection is terminated using blind flanges. When additional surface for welding or bolting is required, they have a raised face. ANSI, ASME B16.5, B16.47, and other standards may apply to flanges. We produce Large Male-Female (LMF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Flat Face (FF), Small Tongue, Small Male-Female (SMF),Raised Face (RF), Large Tongue & Groove, Groove, Lap-Joint Face (LJF) types.

Forged ASTM B564 UNS N06625 RTJ Flange, Inconel 625 Din 2.4856 Threaded Flanges dimension, Nickel Alloy 625 Spectacle Blind Flanges Manufacturer in India

One provider and top manufacturer of Inconel 625 flanges is Bhansali Trade Impex. The Class 150 Inconel UNS N06625 Flanges are one example of a pressure class. They span pressure classes PN6 through PN64 and class 150 to 2500. Equipment and pipes for chemical processing employ Inconel 625 flanges. They are not only resistant to oxidising and reducing media but also to high temperatures and the stress cracking caused by chloride ions. Pressure Calculation in DIN is 10Bar, 16Bar, 25Bar, 40Bar, 6Bar, / PN16, PN64, PN40, PN25, PN10, PN6..

Inconel 625 Flanges Manufacturer in India


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Inconel 625 Flanges Specifications

Standards GOST Flange, JISB2220, BS1560-3.1, API7S-15, API7S-43, API605, EN1092, BS, BS4504, BS 10, EN-1092, DIN, ANSI, ASME, DIN, MSS S44, ISO70051, ANSI/ASME B16.5, ASME/ANSI B16.5/16.36/16.47A/16.47B, B16.47 Series A & B, B16.48, EN
Pressure Rating ANSI Class 1500, Class 150, Class 900, Class 2500, Class 300, Class 600,
Pressure Calculation in DIN 10Bar, 16Bar, 25Bar, 40Bar, 6Bar, / PN16, PN64, PN40, PN25, PN10, PN6
JIS 16 K, 20 K, 5K, 10 K, 40 K, 63 K, 30 K,
UNI 10Bar 16Bar 6Bar 25Bar 40Bar
EN 6Bar 25Bar 40Bar 10Bar 16Bar
Most common Types Threaded / Screwed / Forged / Plate
Production technique
  • Forged, Heat treated and machined
Shapes and Types we produce Large Male-Female (LMF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Flat Face (FF), Small Tongue, Small Male-Female (SMF),Raised Face (RF), Large Tongue & Groove, Groove, Lap-Joint Face (LJF)
Test Direct-reading Spectrograph, Magnetic particle detector, Hydrostatic testing machine, X-ray detector, UI trasonic flaw detector
Equipment Pushing Machine, Press machine, Bending machine, Sand-blasting machine, electric bevelling machine etc

Inconel 625 Flanges Chemical Composition

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 8.4 g/cm3 1350 ?C (2460 ?F) Psi ? 1,35,000 , MPa ? 930 Psi ? 75,000 , MPa ? 517 42.5 %

Inconel 625 Flanges Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 Flanges 8.9 g/cm3 1446 °C (2635 °F) Psi – 67000 , MPa – 462 Psi – 21500 , MPa – 148 45 %

Equivalent Grades for Inconel 625 Flanges

Grade UNS No Old British Euronorm GOST Japanese JIS
Inconel 625 N06625 NA 21 NiCr22Mo9Nb 2.4856 NC22DNB4M –75—- NCF 625

Other Forms / Products Available

Inconel 625 Flange Inconel 625 UNS N06625 Blind Flange
Inconel alloy 625 Slip on Flange Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 Threaded Flange
Alloy 625 Reducing Flange Nickel Alloy 625 Socket Weld Flange
625 Inconel Weld Neck Flanges Inconel 625 ASTM B564 Lap Joint Flanges
Nickel Alloy 625 Long Weld Neck Flanges Inconel alloy 625 Spectacle Blind Flanges
Alloy 625 Spades & Ring Spacers Inconel 625 UNS N06625 Nipoflange
Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 5D Weldoflange 625 Inconel Flange Outlet
Inconel 625 Forged Flanges Nickel Alloy 625 Plate Flange
Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 Ring Type Joint Flanges Alloy 625 Raised Face Flanges
Inconel 625 ASTM B564 Tongue and Groove Flanges Inconel alloy 625 Male and Female Flange
625 Inconel Reducing Flanges Inconel 625 UNS N06625 ASME B16.5 Flanges
Inconel 625 Flanges Nickel Alloy 625 BS 10 Flanges
Alloy 625 BS 4504 Flanges Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 EN 1092-1 Flanges
625 Inconel SORF Flange Inconel alloy 625 BLRF Flange
Inconel 625 UNS N06625 WNRF Flange Inconel 625 Series a Lap Joint Ring Flange
Nickel Alloy 625 PN16 blind flange Alloy 625 Forged Socket Weld Pipe Flange
Inconel alloy 625 Class 300 slip on flange 625 Inconel Slip On Weld Flange
Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 Forged steel slip on flanges Inconel 625 UNS N06625 Race face slip on flange
Inconel 625 SWRF Flange Inconel 625 ASTM B564 Forged blind flange
Inconel alloy 625 groove weld neck flange Nickel Alloy 625 Socket Weld Hub Flange
Alloy 625 threaded lap joint flange Inconel 625 UNS N06625 Slip On Integral flange
Inconel 625 ASTM B564 Forged integral puddle flange Inconel 625 DIN 2.4856 table e long weld neck
Inconel alloy 625 Class 150 LBS Flange Inconel 625 ASTM B564 PN10 Forged Flanges
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Oil & Gas Industry


Chemical Industry


Nuclear Plants


Ship Building


Pharmaceutical Industry


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